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About David Denman, Founder, Clock Productions

David Denman
Founder, Clock Productions


Born in Jefferson City, Missouri, Mr. Denman received a B.A. from Westminster College in Pennsylvania, majoring in theater. For two years, he lived in Michigan, one of the resident designers at The Kalamazoo Civic Theater. David has done a lot of freelance work in Chicago over the years, as a carpenter/designer/scenic artist, and has also worked summer stock in Alpena, and Whitehall, Michigan.

In 1994 he became a member of the National Pastime Theater Company in Chicago. In 1998, he formed Clock productions, becoming its Artistic Director and co-producing with other companies, as well as mounting shows on his own.

David is the writer for the Scary Tales series, adapting old campfire tales, folk tales, and urban legends for the stage.

A big fan of Chicago, he enjoys the architecture of the city, as well as its climate, and summer softball.

His artwork is architectural in nature, stemming from his background in scenic design, and making use of light, depth, and linear and atmospheric perspective.


Clock Theater, Chicago, IL
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