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Clock Theater's Writers Festival

The Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Plays by Seven Playwrights

Always a Scorpion by Ben Bishop
The Final Telling of Little Red Riding Hood by Lesley Fisher Chapman
God Bless America by Jeff Newman
Lucky Number Seven by Amanda Degard
Lust An Objective Romance by CJ Chapman
Nobody Cares As Much As They Should by David Denman
Penis Envy by August Forman

September 24th - October 4th, 2020
Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30PM
Sundays at 3:00PM (no performance on Easter)

Buena Theatre
4147 North Broadway
Chicago, IL 60613

Clock Theater Live

Clock Theater endeavors to combine compelling storytelling, with strong use of all the productions elements, to create a memoriable theatrical experience.

Clock Painting and Design

In his scenic designs, as well as his personal work, David Denman likes to avoid subjects that are over-approached, using color and contrast a strong sense of drawing and perspective.


A Chicago-based theater and film production company, established in 1999, David Denman's Clock Productions has produced The Visit(1998), Einstein's Dreams (2000), Savage Love (2001), The Big Funk (2001), Mommy Abdula's Miraculous Traveling Carnival of Wonders (2002), Ocean Sea (2003), The Pinter Plays (2003), The Three Sisters (2003), The Love of a Good Man (2004), Einstein's Dreams (2005), *The Firebugs and the Good Citizen (2006), *The Magician (2007), The Quiltmaker's Gift (2007), *Alice of the House of Carol (2009), The Tumultuous Tale of the Tragically Transparent Tunic (2010), Six Scary Tales (2010), *Street Scene (2010), Six More Scary Tales (2011) and Counterpoint (2012).
indicates co-production with The National Pastime Theater

Chicago venues include The National Pastime Theater, Chopin Theater, Athenaeum Theater and City Lit; regional venues include Kalamazoo Civic Center, Thunder Bay Theater, and the Whitehall Theater.

David Denman, founder of Clock Productions, is also a set designer and a painter. In 1994 he became a member of the National Pastime Theater Company in Chicago. In 1998, he formed Clock Productions, becoming its Artistic Director and co-producing with other companies, as well as mounting shows on his own.

David is the writer for the Scary Tales series, adapting old campfire tales, folk tales, and urban legends for the stage.

Contact David Denman, Founder, Clock Productions at:



Clock Theater, Chicago, IL
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